The VA Mentor Programme isn’t just a training course that you will download and have sitting gathering dust on your virtual shelf… it is much more than that!

Yes, you will need to put in the work but I will be there every step of the way to help guide you through it!


Inside the mentor group, you will find the most supportive bunch of people, who are supporting and collaborating with each other every day. Helping with motivation on those off days and generally cheerleading you on to do well.

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Kylie Jones - The VA Mentor
  • Have the confidence and know-how to build your own flexible online business?
  • Be your own boss; managing your own clients, workload and hours?
  • Create freedom in your life to spend more time with your kids, travel or work from wherever?
  • Quit the 9-5 but still maintain a steady and secure income while potentially working fewer hours?

My 12 week programme guides you step by step on how to register your new business, find an industry niche that works for you, develop your packages, decide on your prices, market your services, sign your first client and much more.


But what’s different is you’ll also get direct access to me, someone who knows exactly where you’re at and where you want to be.

  • An online learning platform taking you through everything you need to know.
  • Access to The VA Mentor Membership (Plus Membership) for 12 months.
  • Monthly live training.
  • Two group calls a month to check-in, ask any questions and keep you accountable
  • Weekly goal setting call
  • 3 x 1:1 session with me over zoom during your first 12 weeks
  • Quarterly planning sessions (I post you out a workbook too!)
  • All the legal templates you will need to get started.
  • Your own website, including your first year of hosting and first-year payment for your domain name.
  • Professional email address and account
  • Your Own Logo

Module 1 – Introduction & identifying your strengths and weaknesses.
Module 2 – Defining your services
Module 3 – Who Is your ideal client and how to find them
Module 4 – Pricing
Module 5 – Business practicalities
Module 6 – Your online presence
Module 7 – Working on your self-belief & confidence
Module 8 – Client management – how to set boundaries and stick to them.


The cost of the programme is £3300 and you can spread the payments over 12 months (12 x £275).

I have known Kylie now for a few years, she has been my VA mentor from the start of my journey.
She has amazing knowledge and experience to share in helping you to set up as a VA.
Within 3 months of joining The VA Mentor Programme I had handed my notice in to my full time job, and within 5 months had replaced the income and then some.
Her ongoing support group has been invaluable in helping me with the bumps in the road.
She’s always happy to help all of us with any problems we may have or pick her brains.
She has built a lovely community of successful VA’s who support one another. More recently I have been having 1:1 mentoring with Kylie to help push my business forward in a new direction and she has been 100% behind me.
Since joining The VA Mentor Programme I haven’t looked back! With Kylie’s help, we got my business off the ground within just 4 weeks. What Kylie offers through her programme isn’t just incredible value for money, it’s the opportunity to tap into her knowledge and experience of the VA world.
From the very second I joined, she has been so much more than a mentor… she has been a friend, and I trust her and her opinion 100%. She has helped me feel confident in myself again, to believe in my own abilities, and I know that if I need any advice, a pep talk or just a chat, she is there!
She is the most selfless person I know and is there for every single person in her group to offer help, advice and a joke. Having Kylie in your corner is like having your own personal Rocky Balboa, someone you can trust who will be honest with you, advise you, never let you down and cheer you on with a GIF!
After deciding to become a VA I was introduced to Kylie via a mutual friend. I jumped straight onto The VA Mentor Programme and it was the best decision I’ve have made for my business to date.
Being a VA can feel pretty lonely, but now that I’m part of Kylie’s programme, I have a small army of women around me who help and support each other. It’s such a lovely community to be part of and since day one Kylie has been amazing. She’s helped me gain confidence to put myself out there and find clients who I want to work with. I’ve had a series of tech issues which Kylie has helped me through, she’s given me valuable advice when taking on new clients and supported me on a personal level.
I don’t think that my business would be where it was today if I hadn’t found Kylie and The VA Mentor Programme. This woman is incredible and the value that she offers is priceless.